Health advice for pregnant women with confirmed COVID-19

Hong Kong has recently been under the most serious threat of the COVID-19 epidemic in two years, with the number of confirmed cases soaring. There has also been a sharp increase in the number of pregnant women with confirmed infections. Apart from maintaining good personal hygiene, what should a pregnant woman do in the unlikely event of contracting the disease? Here are some tips to help those in need.

Pregnant women in early pregnancy or with mild symptoms:

For pregnant women in early pregnancy or with mild symptoms having confirmed COVID-19, please stay calm, get rest and drink more water. If consultation cannot be arranged, please keep an eye on your health and take your temperature daily. If you have a fever above 38°C, you may take Panadol (also known as Paracetamol) to help reduce the fever. Take vitamin C supplements to boost your immune system and recovery. Please note that currently, most private hospitals will not accept confirmed cases. Therefore, it is important for pregnant women and their families to monitor their health and seek A&E services immediately if their condition (e.g. high fever, shortness of breath, heartburn or unconsciousness) deteriorates.

Pregnant women during the second/third trimester:

In addition to the precautions mentioned above, pregnant women in the second/third trimester should pay more attention to their foetal movements. If you experience any abnormal foetal movements or motions, please seek A&E services immediately.

Zenith Medical Centre understands the worries of every parent-to-be, and keeping a positive state of mind can indeed help with the condition. We hope that the epidemic will soon pass and that those with the disease will soon be well and safe.