Medical treatment

While there are many reasons for infertility, women who have difficulties conceiving due to ovulation problems could be treated with ovulation inducing drugs to increase their chance of pregnancy. Ovulation drugs are generally given via the oral route or by injection.

Oral ovulation drugs

This is a non-invasive procedure. For women who suffer from irregular ovulation or polycystic ovary syndrome, oral ovulation drugs are used to stimulate development of follicles, helping the ovaries to ovulate mature eggs at appropriate times. Sometimes, more than 1 mature follicles could have develop and ovulate at the same time. The chance for pregnancy, however as well as risk of multiple pregnancy would increase.

Ovulation injection

Ovulation-inducing injections are more effective than oral drugs and are suitable for patients who suffer from severe polycystic ovary disease. If a patient is going to undergo intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, ovulation injection could also be considered a common method to help develop more eggs and thus to increase the chance of pregnancy.

Both ovulation-induing pills and injections could improve and increase the chance of pregnancy. At the same time, both partners are advised to stay relax psychologically and doing regular exercise which were shown to help increasing chance of conception.