Pre-marital fertility screening

Pre-marital check-up allows couples to know their health status in advance. While protecting the health of both husband and wife, it also predicts the chance of having genetic diseases in offspring. Early detection could reveal the potential risk factors such as Rubella susceptibility, Hepatitis B, Thalassemia, Rhesus isoimmunization, and other infectious diseases like Syphilis.

Couples who are planning to have children could undergo fertility testing and consider the need for assisted reproductive treatments based on the results.

General fertility checks include:

  •  Ovarian ultrasound
  •  Ovarian Reserve Test "Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Test"
  •  About semen analysis

What is an anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) test?

By measuring the AMH level in blood, we could know oocytes level reserved in ovary.

AMH is a hormone released from ovarian follicles that allows physicians to understand the function or reserve of the ovaries. The more oocytes in the ovaries, the more AMH will be secreted and thus a higher chance of pregnancy. As the ovarian reserve decreases with age, AMH will also gradually decline. Hence, AMH could be used as an indicator of the ovarian reserve.

About semen analysis

Through semen analysis, quantity, viability, morphology, pH value, liquefaction time and colour of semen or sperms could be examined in order to assess and plan for appropriate assisted reproductive treatments.

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