Baby care course

This course is conducted with a small student-to-instructor ratio to ensure that parents receive enough attention and answers to their queries. In addition to baby care skills, there are also common problems of newborn babies which will be addressed by professional midwives in preparation for the coming of your newborn.


Registered nurse / registered midwife

Class content

  •  Choosing baby feeding tools
  •  Sleep tight, baby
  •  Sterilization and storage of feeding tools
  •  Bottle feeding and burping skills
  •  How to swaddle a baby
  •  Safe sleep and how to hold a baby
  •  Choosing baby skin care products
  •  Getting a newborn dressed and undressed
  •  Bathing a newborn baby
  •  Umbilical cord and facial care
  •  Changing diapers and understanding baby’s elimination
  •  Jaundice and common newborn problems


Clinic (group class, max. 6 couples)
We provide home service with minimum 60 minutes service and additional $300 will be charged as transportation fee.


HK$550 (per couples) (90 minutes)
HK$700 (individual) (90 minutes)