Nutrition Counselling Services

Nutrient absorption is very important during prenatal or postnatal period. How to keep a healthy body for welcoming the baby? How to let infant absorb enough nutrition? How to help the body recovery and also keep fit after baby born? All these need to be handled by a professional dietician.

Preparing for pregnancy

Being overweight or underweight could affect the chances of getting pregnant.
Overweight or underweight affect the hormone secretion, unbalance hormonal level affects the chance of being pregnant. Dietician would design a healthy and balanced diet with enough nutrients to mother-to-be in order to prepare for pregnancy.


Pregnancies have to intake proper and enough nutrients to support the grow and development of fetus while they have to avoid overweight which would lead to gestational diabetes mellitus. This affect both the pregnancies and the fetus, also might lead to delivery difficulties and Caeserean Section delivery at the end.

Postnatal diet plan

A postnatal diet plan is needed to all pregnancies as they will gain weight during the whole pregnant journey while they could not on diet right after delivery because their bodies need to provide breast milk for feeding the infant as well as own wound healing. Dietician will design a postnatal diet plan according to your specific needs and habits in order to ease your breast feeing and weight control pressure.