Zenith Medical Centre provides a comprehensive range of antenatal and postnatal services, which includes antenatal care, private delivery services and postnatal care.

Preconception assessment, antenatal care and prenatal diagnosis services

Prenatal tests allow couple to have better preparation for family planning. Through regular antenatal check-up, parents-to-be could know the fetus health status. Check-up items include past pregnancy history, personal and family health history, urine tests, antenatal blood tests, ultrasound assessment and professional advices. Prenatal diagnosis helps to detect and reveal any congenital disorder which allows better preparation beforehand.

  •  Preconception assessment
  •  Antenatal care
  •  Prenatal diagnosis

Delivery services and postnatal care

Most pregnancies could deliver naturally (vaginal birth). But if there are some special conditions (e.g., hypertension or fetus’s head does not face down to vagina etc.), doctors might recommend Caesarean delivery. No matter which kind of delivery that you choose, Zenith Medical Centre’s doctors could provide professional advice. Besides, we highly recommend you to have postnatal check-up 6 weeks after baby born for making sure the recovery of the wound and uterus, no matter you delivered in public or private hospital.

  •  Virginal birth and Caesarean Section
  •  Hospital for delivery
  •  Postnatal care
  •  Augmentation of Labour

High risk obstetrics

Zenith Medical Centre provides extra care of high-risk pregnancies which includes prenatal testing, treatments and postnatal care services.

  •  High risk obstetrics services

Other Services

  •  Early pregnancy complications (Ectopic pregnancy/Miscarriage)
  •  Termination of pregnancy
  •  Paternity Test

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