Preconception assessment

Preconception assessment is very important to couple who are preparing for pregnancy. Doctor will ask about the couple’s health history, family history, drug history and previous pregnancies record assess the readiness of pregnancy. Preconception assessment includes different blood tests like Thalassemia screening, Hepatitis B antigen, Rubella antibody, Rhesus factor {Rh(D)}, sexual transmitted disease and semen analysis. Thalassemia screening is one of the important tests, according to the data of The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong, approximately 12.5% population in Hong Kong are carrying thalassemia gene. When both parents are thalassemia carrier, the fetus will have one-fourth of possibility having thalassemia major. A Thalassemia major child might need lifelong blood transfusion, this seriously affect the quality of life of next generation.

Preconception blood tests include :

  •  Blood grouping
  •   Rhesus (Rh) factor
  •  Haemoglobin and mean cell volume (Thalassemia screening test)
  •  Rubella antibody
  •  Hepatitis B antigen
  •  Syphilis
  •  Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) antibody testing
  •  +/- Varicella-Zoster antibody

Semen analysis:

  •  Sperm count, mobility, volume and morphology

A detail preconception assessment could let the women well prepare for the pregnancy and new life.