Breast feeding course

Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself and her baby. Sometimes, mothers may give up breastfeeding due to different challenges and obstacles of taking care of a newborn baby. In the course, midwives will teach theories and share practical experiences with mothers to better understand breastfeeding and persevere through this journey. In face of difficulty in breastfeeding, our midwives will also show you techniques resolve such issues.


Registered nurse / registered midwife

Class content

  •  Successful breastfeeding principle
  •  Facilitate good quality of breast milk
  •  Breast care
  •  Expressing of breast milk
  •  Feeding skills and correct breastfeeding position
  •  Baby’s signal of fullness
  •  Does a newborn baby need extra nutrients besides breastmilk / formula?
  •  Diet of breastfeeding mom
  •  Prevention and handling of blocked ducts/mastitis
  •  Common problems of breastfeeding
  •  Choosing a good milk pump
  •  Choosing a good milk pump
  •  Breastfeeding mom shopping list


Kwun Tong clinic (group class, max. 8-10 couples);
We provide home service with minimum 60 minutes service and additional $300 will be charged as transportation fee.


HK$550 (per couples) (90 minutes)
HK$700 (individual) (90 minutes)