Postnatal care

Postnatal check-up is necessary for all pregnancies after delivery. A detail postnatal check-up 6 weeks after delivery is highly recommended.

Postnatal check-up involves

  •  Wound care
  •  Uterus contraction assessment
  •  Lochia assessment
  •  emotion assessment

Wound care is crucial no matter choose Vaginal birth or Caesarean Section.

  •  Vaginal birth: clean the perineum with water and soap. Frequently change the sanitary napkin to keep the wound clean and dry.
  •  Caesarean Section: avoid vigorous movements and actions to prevent wound tearing. A girdle would help to minimize the wound twist and ease the pain. Keep the wound clean and dry, avoid friction on wound by wearing soft and loose bottoms.

Menstruation will resume at 6 to 8 weeks after delivery or termination of breast feeding. Contraception is necessary if not planning to be pregnant again. In general, it is safe to have sexual activity 6 weeks after delivery.

At last, husbands have to pay attention on mothers’ emotional changes as they face great changes. Physical and mental support, caring and sharing are crucial to overcome the postnatal period.