Vaginal birth and Caesarean Section

The most commonly asked question by expected parents is: Shall we choose “Vaginal Birth or Caesarean Section”?

Actually, it’s not which mode of delivery we “should” choose, it should be which is good to the pregnant and infant. No matter which delivery way to choose, safety always come first.

Vaginal birth


  •  Avoid surgical risks
  •  Speedy recovery
  •  Early readiness for breast feeding, sooner is the "milk come-in"
  •  Infant respiratory system will be stimulated during vaginal delivery, which could strengthen the lung function and hence decrease the respiratory disorder


  •  Might need perineal cut or have perineal tissues tear
  •  Labour pain
  •  Unexpected delivery journey and birth date
  •  More unexpected fetal risk during labour, e.g. over size baby causing shoulder dystocia, labour dystocia or fetal distress etc.

Caesarean Section


  •  Avoid labour pain
  •  Scheduled delivery
  •  Less risk on infant


  •  Surgical risks, for example, excessive blood loss, infection or injury to surrounding organs etc.
  •  Longer stay in hospital
  •  Relatively larger wound when compare with vaginal delivery, longer recovery time and wound pain
  •  Risk in future pregnancy for example placenta previa, placenta accreta, uterine rupture or adhesion etc.

In conclusion, both vaginal birth and Caesarean Section have PROS and CONS. Zenith Medical Centre highly recommended to communicate with obstetrician and choose the best way.