Provide holistic care to you and your unborn child from professional pre-pregnancy assessment, prenatal screening to diagnostic services
Gynaecological check-up and vaccinations, as well as advice and treatment for common gynaecological problems
Assisted Reproductive Services
Assessment and diagnosis, medication and artificial insemination service for infertile couples
Midwife Services
Courses for parenting, infant massage and breastfeeding conducted by seasoned midwives
Nutrition Counselling Services
Professional advice for women who are expecting, pregnant and planning to lose weight after childbirth
Women's Check-Up Package

Comprehensive Health Check Package for Women

COVID-19 Notices
Zenith provides the latest information to protect pregnant women and women who are planning to become pregnant during the pandemic period
Other Services
Prenatal massage and abdominal binding to help relieve pregnancy discomfort and postnatal oedema