Lining of uterus undergoes periodic changes and gradually thickens with influence of hormones. When oocytes are not fertilized, the lining of uterus would naturally shed, together with the oocytes released, to form "menstruation".

Endometriosis is a menstrual-related gynaecological disease that refers to growth of endometrial tissue outside uterus. Endometriosis often takes place in ovaries, fallopian tubes and tissues around the uterus.

Endometriosis occurs in fallopian tubes

There is a chance of fallopian tube blockage that hinder fertilization and affect successful rate of pregnancy.

Endometriosis occurs in ovaries

There is a chance that blood will pool and create cysts, forming subchocoliomas. Chocolate Cyst may have complications such as rupture so that the fluid in the cyst leaks into the body cavity or become inflamed. Patients will feel severe pain and require emergency surgery.

 Chocolate Cyst Examination and Treatment

At present, chocolate cyst cannot be prevented. Women after the age of 25 who have menstrual pain or excessive bleeding should have regular checkups for early detection and treatment. The methods for diagnosing chocolate cyst can generally be divided into ultrasonic examination, magnetic resonance examination, etc.; doctors will use the most suitable method to treat chocolate tumors for patients according to the patient's age, degree of tumor spread, and family planning:

  •  Medical treatment
  •  Surgical treatment
  •  Combined treatment

Endometriosis occurs in myometrium (muscle layer of uterus)

When myometrium bleeding occurs, blood being accumulated in muscle and forms adenomyoma or adenomyosis. As a result, uterine wall become thicker and less elastic, women would feel pain when uterus contracts.


Common symptoms of endometriosis

  •  Excessive period
  •  Persistent period pain
  •  Pain during sexual intercourse
  •  Infertility

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